Do Not Stand Idly By

Common Ground is partnering with the our east coast parent organization – Metro IAF – on a campaign to curb gun violence and save lives, all without jeopardizing the ability of law-abiding Americans to buy and own firearms.

40% of the guns sold in the United States are purchased with public funds, including the US military and local and state law enforcement agencies. “Do Not Stand Idly By” seeks to use our leverage as taxpayers to pressure those who purchase these firearms and demand that the gun manufacturers they do business with do two things:

1. Invest in developing safer guns.

2. Stop doing business with dealers who are responsible for the majority of guns retrieved at crime scenes.

We believe that changes in these two specific areas will significantly reduce the number of deaths and injuries related to firearms. We need to take action now, rather than standing idly by while people are hurt or killed due to gun violence.

Contact Linda Reid to learn more or get involved.
Go to: www.donotstandidlyby.org for more information.