Delegates’ Assembly – Thank You Common Ground Members

Thank you to the over 400 Common Ground members who attended the March 19th Delegates’ Assembly.  For pictures from the assembly click here.

At the Delegates’ Assembly we were able to:

Confirm the selection of the Common Ground Strategy Team.
Frame and consider the economy in a practical and relevant way by gathering in small groups and sharing how the economy is affecting our lives.
Celebrate our victory in the Youth Jobs campaign of having the Milwaukee Common Council agree to invest an additional $250,000 to the Earn and Learn Summer Youth Jobs program.
Identify next steps related to the Healthcare program.

Now what?  Here are our next steps:

Summer Youth Jobs:

We are asking each member organization to identify one business that may be willing to hire a student through the Earn & Learn program.  Click here for information about the next meeting and signing up for the program.

For Each Member Organization

Bring together 5 to 15 people as your organization’s core team
Identify 1 business interested in hiring a youth this summer
Recruit youth in your organization to apply to the summer youth jobs program
Identify 2 of your members to work with state legislature on the healthcare effort
Identify 1-5 local public works projects by mid-April, i.e. lighting, park improvements, pot holes, cross walks, etc. winnable projects, that we can address this Summer

For more information related to our next steps, please contact Bob Connolly (Email)

More details for all of our next steps will be added to the site as they become available.