Waukesha County

Congregations from Waukesha County gathered on June 23 to introduce and discuss further development of Common Ground in that county.  Leaders expressed their excitement about growing this effort in Waukesha County.  On August 20th, we will gather again at 6:30 pm at St. Anthony on the Lake in Pewaukee.  Over the next few months, we will begin the process of listening sessions, one-on-one meetings and a possible neighborhood walk to learn of issues present in the city of Waukesha.

In addition, Common Ground U will be held in October at St. Anthony on the Lake.  We encourage Core Team members from our western suburbs to attend.  Common Ground U is a nine hour curriculum focused on helping strengthen the volunteer leadership of your organization and teaching people the skills for public life.

If you are aware of congregations and organizations in Waukesha County who might be interested in membership of Common Ground, please email us with contact information, Email