Delegates’ Action – September 15

Over 150 Common Ground leaders gathered on September 15 to make key decisions on next action steps.

Leaders recommitted to support the efforts in Sherman Park/North Milwaukee.

The Delegates voted unanimously for a “roll out” plan for the health insurance cooperative in October and committing over 100 people to attend this event. In addition, Common Ground will conduct at least six sessions covering all four counties to enroll small businesses, non-profits and individuals in the cooperative.

Common Ground leaders committed to a five week research phase for a campaign regarding the thousands of bank-owned abandoned foreclosed homes in the region. On Saturday, September 26, 150 Common Ground leaders will take photographs of 400 of these homes. Another team will conduct basic research on the largest bank landlords of these properties. Common Ground leaders will regather on Thursday, October 22 to make a decision regarding next steps in this campaign.

Common Ground nominated three new members to the Strategy Team; Ms. Eileen Asbell of St. Michael-St. Rose Parish, Mr. Frank Finch III of Mt. Calvary Lutheran Church,

and Ms. Dorota Pruski of St. James Episcopal Church.