Milwaukee Rising Press Conference & Thank You Tour

On Thursday, January 19th Alderman Murphy, Common Council President Hines, Bishop Miller and leaders from Common Ground including Frank Finch III, Toni Wagner, Mary Leach-Sumlin and other Milwaukee Rising Team members came together to celebrate Milwaukee Rising in one of our rehabilitated homes ready for sale at 2402 N 46th Street.

Fox 6 – Milwaukee Rising

TMJ4 – Milwaukee Rising

Marquette Tribune 

Press Conference From Common Council President Hines office

What began in 2008 with knocking on doors asking the residents what they would like to see improved upon in their neighborhood is now being solidified with the goal of rehabilitating 100 homes in four years and getting them into the hands of responsible home owners committed to the stabilization of the neighborhood.  It’s also being realized in the plans for bringing 180 Properties to the Milwaukee Area.  They will hire local community members who will secure and oversee the up-keep of the foreclosed properties in Milwaukee.

Three homes have sold, six have been rehabilitated and 21 more are in the pipeline.  We are well on our way!  Thank you to our partners, the Sherman Park Community Association, City of Milwaukee and Zilber, Ltd.