Go To Vote = Get to Vote

Can you imagine heading out to the polls on November 6th, only to be told that you can not place your vote? It’s true. Voter suppression is still alive and well in Wisconsin.

The tales are aggravating and offensive.

  • Voters being told that the polling place had run out of ballots
  • Voters with physical disabilities unable to navigate unfamiliar polling places
  • Voters with impaired literacy skills not getting the help they need
  • Voters still waiting in line when the poll location was closed
  • Voters not knowing where to go if their polling site changes

And these are just a few.

As a battleground state, fostering and facilitating the voting process has never been more critical. As a non-partisan organization, Common Ground is taking steps to make sure that everyone who goes to vote, gets to vote.

With the help of our Member Organizations, including numerous central city churches, Common Ground is working to ensure that everyone who wants to vote on Election Day, is able to. Our Common Ground POLL PROTECTORS will be on hand to assist all voters who might otherwise leave out of frustration.

Training sessions for POLL PROTECTORS will on October 27th and November 3rd. Want to find out more? Contact info@CommonGroundWI.org

Every day, your Milwaukee friends and neighbors are facing obstacles and fighting private battles. Let’s make sure exercising their right to vote is not one of them.