Millennials Bring Their Energy to Common Ground

Milwaukee has young people ready to fight for change, and they are organizing within Common Ground. As part of the new 40 Under 40 group, 20 new CG leaders have been meeting monthly to learn about Common Ground, IAF-style organizing, and how to work for positive change. They expect to become a dues-paying member organization this year.

Look for members of the 40 Under 40 group at the April 25 Delegates Assembly, where they have committed to turn out 50 new faces. These four and their cohort want to change any stereotypes you may have about millennials.

Clintel Hasan — Clintel, a life-long Milwaukeean, attended Milwaukee High School of the Arts and UW Madison, returning to Milwaukee to teach. Her passion is to ensure that other young black students have the educational opportunities they deserve. When she isn’t organizing for 40/40, she is a teacher coach at Teach For America (TFA) as well as a leader of teacher professional development at her own nonprofit, LiberatED.

Brett Heaton-Juarez — Brett started engaging with Common Ground through the South Side Caucus and has joined the 40/40 group because he wants to see young people organize for power. During the day, he works at Northwestern Mutual as a personal finance adviser with a focus on justice-oriented young people. He wants to see more people taking their work to the next level.

Franz Meyer — Franz got involved in Common Ground as an intern during the SES Tutoring campaign five years ago, and has loved every minute of it. He’s also had the opportunity to be a member of the Strategy Team. A new Milwaukee homeowner, when not organizing, Franz is a teacher coach through Teach For America.

Mimi Perez — Mimi is a life-long Milwaukeean and proud Puerto Rican woman. She and her husband met at South Division High School, and she has spent her life in the city. After years of working for the Girl Scouts, Mimi now works for TFA as the Alumni Coordinator, bringing together young, passionate leaders in Milwaukee. She will be one of the co-chairs at the April 25 Delegates Assembly.

If you or someone you know is interested in learning more about the “40 Under 40” group, contact