Common Ground’s Future VISION – Milwaukee communities uniting

Common Ground’s vision for Milwaukee’s future was presented at the April 26 Delegates’ Assembly by Fr. Jose Gonzalez, pastor to over 10,000 families at St. Adalbert’s, Prince of Peace and St. Vincent de Paul’s parishes.

Elegant in its simplicity, the VISION calls for all communities to unite behind one community when it’s working with powerful people to get what it needs. Milwaukee is the nation’s most segregated city. Some powerful people keep these divisions alive, forcing one community to accept less if another community is to have more. Pitting us against each other. That’s wrong. When Common Ground stands united, representing the body politic of Milwaukee, we have more leverage with local government and public organizations to ensure that every community gets its fair share. We are more powerful, more visible and more effective when we stand together.

In the future, Common Ground leadership will work with member organizations to increase participation across community lines. For example, the south side needs strong crime prevention and more respectful, productive interaction between police and the community. North side leaders pledged to support them as they work with Chief Flynn. In turn, the North side needs jobs and job training. South side leaders pledged to support them in talks with government organizations who can make that happen. Common Ground’s long term goal is “to organize the entire region”.