Common Ground is growing – younger, more diverse, more powerful

Common Ground is starting to look more diverse – like MKE. That’s a very good thing for an organization dedicated to making MKE a better place for everyone to live.

About a year ago, Common Ground’s Executive Committee made a commitment to engage Millennials and expand Common Ground membership among North and South side organizations. They recognized that if we are to be effective working in our diverse communities, we need more leaders from those communities who have an in-depth understanding of what their communities need and the connections to make things happen. They also recognized that we need younger leaders who bring new enthusiasm, determination and savvy to their community engagement – and who will ensure that we continue to gain power in the future. We are on the way to meeting that commitment.

Six new CG member organizations were announced at the April 26 Delegates’ Assembly. They represent the diversity we need to build power in MKE.

  • St. Adalbert’s (San Adalberto)
  • Prince of Peace (Principe de Paz)
  • St. Vincent’s (San Vicente de Paul)
  • Ascension Lutheran Church
  • Young leaders dedicated to social justice in MKE
  • Sherman Park Action Network