Do Not Stand Idly By Team Calls for Information about Gun Policies on Campuses

Do Not Stand Idly By (from Leviticus 19:16) is the Common Ground issue campaign committed to reducing gun violence by advocating for increased gun safety. The petition, circulating nationally, calls for the organizations responsible for providing public information about institutions of higher education to make public each school’s policy regarding concealed weapons. These organizations are various college ratings services, the U.S. Department of Education, and the colleges themselves.

DNSIB’s leaders emphasize that, like the campaign as a whole, this petition uses a market-based approach. The hope is that the increasing number of legislatures passing campus carry laws will realize that their decisions have market repercussions. If campus carry information is included in college ranking data, right alongside all other statistics, then parents and students can vote with their feet. To see the alarming number of states that currently allow some form of campus carry, click HERE. To sign the petition, click HERE.

DNSIB’s market-based approach seeks to persuade public officials at all levels of government to focus on safety by encouraging—but not mandating—smart gun technology, and by creating market pressure for smart guns and greater gun safety. Towards that end, Metro-IAF affiliates across the country have been meeting with their local leaders to garner allies in the effort. The latest leader to commit to the campaign is Mayor Eric Garcetti of Los Angeles. The number of jurisdictions that have signed on is increasing all the time.

Locally, the Common Ground DNSIB team has begun a series of “Strategy Luncheons” with our local supporters: Mayor Tom Barrett, County Executive Chris Abele, DA John Chisholm, Wauwatosa Mayor Kathy Ehley, South Milwaukee Mayor Erik Brooks, Madison Mayor Paul Soglin and Wauwatosa Chief of Police Barry Weber).

These luncheons are providing a forum, out of the public eye, for the leaders to brainstorm and work together to come up with concrete strategies that coincide with DNSIB goals. From those luncheons, the DNSIB leadership team has been given the opportunity to present in front of two important regional groups: the Intergovernmental Cooperation Council (members include all the mayors and village presidents of Milwaukee County) and the Milwaukee County Law Enforcement Executive Association (police chiefs and other security-related leaders in the region). The near-term goal is to work on a multi-jurisdictional effort to introduce smart guns to the local market.

While development of child-proof and theft-proof smart guns may not reduce the number of homicides committed with illegal guns, they are very likely to reduce the number of self-inflicted and accidental gun deaths. Want to learn more about DNSIB? Click HERE.