FAIR PLAY calls for leaders to “adopt” school athletic facilities.

Burdick playground

Parents already know. Many people within our educational system and local government know. And saddest of all, the kids know.

Little value is placed on recreational facilities in Milwaukee public schools – and something needs to be done about it.

That’s what Fair Play is setting out to do. Turning it around.

Our Common Ground members have been partnering with parents, students, coaches and community members who want to help in the fight. One of the ways our leaders are doing this by ADOPTING a school’s facilities in order to raise awareness and reach out to those who want to help.

Has your Common Ground team adopted a school yet? If not, we can connect you with the leaders who have! Contact info@commongroundwi.org for more information.


For more about FAIR PLAY, visit FairPlayWI.org.

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