Common Ground Healthcare Team Update – September 2012

At our Delegates Meeting in September, Bob De Vita, CEO of the Healthcare Cooperative , gave us an update, including four big challenges the team has been conquering.

Challenge #1 – Getting the providers to work together, with us.
We’ve had several rounds of meetings with each of them individually and have invited their input on benefit design and billing processes. We aim to entrust them with a significant role in helping us build this COOP.

Challenge #2  – Getting the Right Team for your COOP
Along with CEO Bob De Vita, Board President Bob Connolly and Board Vice President, Jim Wesp, Cathy Mahaffey, who has served us since last September, has agreed to join us full time as our Chief Operating Officer. In addition, we have the following experienced, committed leaders on board:

  • Essie Whitelaw, Chief Strategy Consultant
  • Chris Meyer, VP for Provider Contracting and Quality
  • Caroline Berghammer, Compliance
  • Dirk Carson, Provider Contracting Consultant
  • Michelle Kempen Office Manager/Exec. Assistant

Challenge #3  – Getting an office and moving in.
Through the search efforts of Cathy Mahaffey and Jim Wesp, we moved in to our offices Sept. 17th in order to better serve the counties of SE Wisconsin.

Challenge #4  – Getting licensed by the State of Wisconsin.
We met with reps of OCI and taking our application in.

On top of that, with our volunteers, the Common Ground Healthcare Team has begun over 250 relational meetings with parties who have expressed interest in CGHC health insurance, such as small business owners, non-profit organization leaders and self-employed individuals.

With this steady progress, the Common Ground Healthcare Cooperative is making great strides in the community. Want to find out more? Visit or email.