CGHC’s game plan: adjust, adapt, prevail

What has Common Ground Healthcare Cooperative been working on during the hotly debated rollout of Affordable Care Act? They’ve been working to build awareness, inform and enroll members.

Using a blend of old school, word of mouth marketing tactics plus a progressive, fully functioning website, CGHC is enrolling members. Common Ground Healthcare Cooperative is OPEN for business, with a goal of enrolling 10,000 members by the end of 2014.

“CGHC has a unique place in this marketplace, so we’ve used this time to get our name out there and create awareness,” says CGHC’s CEO Bob DeVita. “Our aim, is to get people to understand HOW we’re different and WHY we’re such a good buy.”

Bob likens their strategy during the slow rollout of Obamacare to a football game. “What I have to do as the CEO of this organization is to play the game with the rules that I’m given, just like in football. You create your game plan, based on the rules you’ve been given and by what the other team does. And then you have to adjust and adapt to prevail. And that’s what we’re doing.”

WATCH Bob’s interview on CBS 58 News to find out more about CGHC’s progress.