MKE Neighborhoods Now – Neighborhood Walks to Empower Neighborhoods

MNN door skitBetween Feb. 20 and the April 5 election, Common Ground will conduct a door-to-door voter education campaign designed to increase potential voters’ engagement with local issues and thus increase election turnout.

From 600 Conversations to 4,000. At the platform convention, more than 260 Common Ground leaders voted to commit themselves to canvasing in two-hour shifts on six weekends between Feb. 20 and the election. If 20 volunteers talk with 20 voters during each of those shifts, they will multiply the 600 DIG conversations to over 4,000 conversations.

We will focus on six wards in three aldermanic districts where voting is typically much lower in municipal elections than in presidential elections: Districts 7 (open seat), 8 (Ald. Donovan), and 13 (Ald. Witkowski). In those wards typical voter turnout may be 300 to 500 voters; winning margins may be less than 100 votes. We know that for every 10 people we talk to and follow up, four will vote. That’s a lot!

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