BRINGING PEOPLE TOGETHER: a victory for Ozaukee County Shared-Ride Taxi


As Common Ground, we like to bring people together – and we mean that quite literally. Our work with the Ozaukee County Shared-Ride Taxi is a good example; bringing people to the jobs they need, to the services they rely on, and out into the community where they belong.

Even though we tend to think of Sunday as a day of rest, it can actually be a very busy day for many of us. Whether it is visiting family, going to church, or just watching the Packer game with friends, much of that activity relies on meeting up with people – and that relies on transportation. For non-drivers, like seniors and people with disabilities, those activities can be cut short, depending on the availability of a ride.

Up until now in Ozaukee County, many of those rides would end at noon on Sundays, leaving vital members of the community housebound, so it was our goal to help extend the hours of the Ozaukee County Shared-Ride Taxi program. By working with the community, Common Ground was able to present a solution to the Ozaukee County Board of Supervisors and help make extended hours a reality. As a result, the Sunday hours of the Shared-Ride Taxi service, which previously ended at noon, will keep running until 6:00 pm.

Bringing people together and going the extra mile. That’s reason to celebrate – and we have the cake to prove it. Great job, team!


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