Waukesha County Update: April 2014

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Common Ground is a diverse, nonpartisan group of everyday citizens creatively resolving important issues facing families and their communities. Since 2008 Common Ground has addressed issues such as foreclosure, education reform, health care and public transit.


Rebuilding the Village: Expanding Parent Cafés
Over the past year, in hundreds of meetings throughout Waukesha County, Common Ground has heard a consistent message: stresses facing families of all types are overwhelming and parents are struggling. Our research also led us to a small but effective program run by Waukesha County, Parent Café’s. These peer-learning experiences provide parents with new knowledge, skills and support and help prevent crises down the road. Yet, with few resources available, the program impacts relatively few parents and families.

That’s why Common Ground is working to expand the Parent Café program. Our campaign approach is to build awareness and support among community leaders and conduct research to better understand program effectiveness. In fact, we are piloting Parent Café’s ourselves at several member institutions to meet both these objectives.


Better Access: Improving Waukesha County Public Transit
Common Ground also has been exploring pubic transit within Waukesha County. We have found the patchwork of well-meaning taxi services and shuttles in the current system limits the ability of seniors, people with disabilities and workers needing jobs to live meaningful and productive lives.

Major weaknesses include: unmet demand, the inability to travel across taxi firms’ self-imposed boundaries, limited hours of operation and a lack of collaboration among providers.

Common Ground is working with those impacted to make sure their transit struggles are know by policy makers and community leaders. In addition, we are participating with the Thriving Waukesha Alliance’s transportation group as one avenue of change.


If you are interested in learning more about Common Ground’s efforts in Waukesha County please contact:
Rusty Borkin