PRESS RELEASE: Common Ground Focused on Public Funding

APRIL 22, 2014

Common Ground Focused on Public Funding
Offer Congratulations to New Bucks Owners and Thanks for Interest in Milwaukee

“We congratulate Mr. Wesley Edens and Mr. Marc Lasry, new owners of the Milwaukee Bucks. Common Ground thanks them for their interest in Milwaukee,” commented Jennifer O’Hear, Common Ground Member and chair of the Fair Play campaign. “As we have consistently stated, Common Ground is not opposed to a new arena. But if public taxpayer money is used to build a New Bucks Arena, we demand a say in how our money is used, and that means investing in our children through Fair Play. New ownership does not change that.”

In 2013, Common Ground’s Fair Play campaign conducted a survey of the outdoor athletic and recreational facilities at 278 public schools in Milwaukee County. The group released a report demonstrating that $150 million to $250 million is needed to bring all facilities up to an acceptable level. Over 65% of Milwaukee County athletic facilities are far below standard.

On April 8 over 630 Common Ground members and guests crowded into the Hamilton High School gymnasium. Members of Common Ground were asked to vote on a resolution to support public funding for a New Bucks Arena if a $150 to $250 million investment in Fair Play is included and to oppose it if not. After deliberation, the assembly approved the motion by an overwhelming majority, and in addition, pledged to come back with 1000 people for a Fair Play rally in October.

“We welcome Mr Edens and Mr Lansry to Wisconsin. If they want public money for their New Bucks Arena then we hope they will support public money for the athletic facilities of our children. Its Fair Play” Mrs. O’Hear continued. We would be glad to meet with them and give them a tour of Milwaukee County athletic facilities.”

ABOUT FAIR PLAY: Fair Play is Common Ground’s campaign to insert itself in the discussion about the use of public funds to build a new arena for the Bucks. It is our position that if public money is used to create a new arena for the Bucks, then at least $150–$250 million must be invested to upgrade and build public athletic facilities and playgrounds for children in Milwaukee County. If the Bucks get a great place to play, then our kids get great places to play.

ABOUT COMMON GROUND: CG is a community organization that works toward igniting positive change within the Greater Milwaukee area. With the power of the collective voice, we have a strong history of facilitating significant and meaningful improvements within our community.

By working together, we develop leaders who identify issues that need fixing, develop solutions for them, and take action to create change.

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