Fair Play hits the airwaves

Fair Play Co-Chairs Jennifer O’Hear and Lloyd Johnson, along with Lead Organizer Keisha Krumm, were featured on WUWM’s “Lake Effect” show talking about the Fair Play campaign. They discussed the goals of Fair Play — strengthening neighborhoods by upgrading athletic and recreational spaces as part of any program that uses public funds for a new arena — and noted that the proposed “jock tax” would take money out of the state budget that is used to fund education, infrastructure, and services to our most needy citizens. They did an outstanding job of representing Common Ground!

You can hear Keisha, Lloyd, and Jennifer at this link. http://wuwm.com/post/local-coalition-opposes-jock-tax-fund-new-bucks-arena. If each member of our team shared this link with one other person, it would help to inform the public of our work and increase our power to achieve Fair Play.