Common Ground is now organizing on the Southside to build a new team of leaders to address Southside issues and build the growing power of Common Ground. We have had hundreds of conversations to identify the key issues we need to focus on. The two main issues that have arisen are:

1) Traffic Safety.
We heard numerous stories of children being struck by cars while loading and unloading from a parked school bus. It was shocking to learn that school buses in the city of Milwaukee are not allowed to use their red stop sign arm when loading and unloading children. Cars are allowed to pass parked school buses. The team has introduced an ordinance to change this law to protect our children. Once this ordinance is passed, we will be turning our attention to greater traffic issues on the Southside.

2) Youth and Family Recreation Areas.
Our other key focus is the need for more youth and family recreation spaces. There is a shortage of places for kids to play soccer outdoor and places for families to spend time together outside. We need to improve upon the existing outdoor spaces, as well as create an indoor soccer complex on the South side that is affordable for all to use so children and their families can play and grow together.

The Southside is looking forward to working with the Neighborhoods Now campaign to fight for funding for traffic calming measures and more soccer and recreational space.

Contact us via email or phone to learn more or get involved.