The Bucks owners demand a new arena and say that we should help pay for it. Here’s why they are wrong.

1. They don’t need our money.They are billionaires and can afford to pay for it themselves. They have never proved that they need our public dollars.

2. They don’t deserve it. For starters, one of the owners, Wesley Edens, owns Nationstar Mortgage, which controls hundreds of foreclosed homes in Milwaukee. Common Ground members have inspected and documented 300 of these properties. Many are vacant and deteriorating. Mr. Edens is, in effect, a slum landlord. He does NOT DESERVE a tax subsidy when he is severely damaging our neighborhoods.

3. Milwaukee DOES need and deserve it. This money should go toward many other critical things that truly warrant the investment: rehabilitating foreclosed homes, fixing playgrounds and parks, repairing streets and potholes (just to name a few).



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STEP 2  Let your elected officials know how you feel.  

Find yours HERE. A sample letter follows.
Dear _________,

My name is ___________. I am a constituent in district__________ and I am a member of Common Ground. I am writing today because I am opposed to the city of Milwaukee giving public money to three billionaires for the construction of the Bucks arena.

The owners of the Bucks DO NOT NEED taxpayer money to build their new arena. They also DO NOT DESERVE our hard earned money.

The three majority owners of the Bucks – Dinan, Edens and Lasry are New York City based billionaires. They have the financial power to raise the capital needed to build an arena.

I am opposed to giving away our hard earned tax dollars to 3 Billionaires who do NOT NEED or deserve our money.

Common Ground is calling on our common council and mayor to vote against ANY public subsidy for the construction for a new Bucks arena. Listen to the voices of the vast majority of your constituents who are opposed to WELFARE FOR BILLIONAIRES.

Thank you for listening to constituents such as myself, and organizations such as Common Ground that give us voice.

Signed _______________.


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