T4U starts to take care of business


Many of you have been following our efforts working to revamp the MPS tutoring program. After first reporting on the problem, meeting with the school board and having our solution approved, we are happy to report on some visible change.

Today, Common Ground Lead Organizer, Keisha Krumm, had the opportunity to witness firsthand the T4U (Tutoring for You) Program in action at an open house at Mitchell Elementary School.

“It was impressive and gratifying,” says Keisha. “Our work has really changed the SES program and has made it better for kids. Children are learning and making gains. Principals and teachers seem to own the program.”

One of the most significant changes implemented is the tutor to student ratio. As we reported, the previous ratio had been 1:10, which no longer seems to be the case, according to Keisha.

“We observed about 10 different tutoring sessions, and each of them were either 1:1; 1:3 or 1:5 ratio. The students were engaged. The teachers seemed happy and you could feel the brain-power in the room. The students seemed like they were enjoying themselves.”

After seeing these improvements with her own eyes, Keisha’s words reflect the thoughts of many on the Common Ground education team. “T4U is not perfect, but if MPS continues it, I believe it will get better. Tonight I will sleep better knowing that hundreds of MPS students are closer getting the help they need.”