Dear Voter: This election is about YOU.


Did you know, as a Wisconsin voter…?


YOU do NOT need to show a photo ID in order to vote.

YOU can register to vote by proving your residency with these forms of ID.

A current:

    • Paycheck
    • Bank statement
    • Valid WI Driver’s License
    • Valid WI ID card
    • Government check or other document issued by the government
    • University, college, or technical institute ID card with a photo
    • Official identification issued by a WI government agency
    • Employee ID card (but not business cards)
    • Residential lease
    • Real estate bill
    • Tax receipt
    • Utility bill

YOU can display these documents on your portable device (phone, tablet, laptop, etc) to prove you are a resident.

YOU can vote if you have been convicted of a felony if your sentence has been fully completed (meaning you have served out your incarceration and any periods of probation, parole, etc.).

YOU can update your address on Election Day if you have recently moved. If you have been living in a new place of residence for 28 days or more, you should vote at the polling place of that district. If you have lived in your new home for less than 28 days, vote at your old polling location. (Bring proof of residency from list above.)

YOU can ask for assistance at the polls if you need help with reading or writing.

YOU can obtain curbside assistance if you have physical impairments making it difficult to vote.

YOU must be allowed to vote if you are still

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standing in line when the polls close at 8PM.

YOU may re-register if your name does not appear on the list at your correct polling place, and must be allowed to vote. (Bring proof of residency from list above.)

Have questions? Let one of our Common Ground poll protectors know!

Go to Vote = Get to Vote is one of many initiatives organized by Common Ground of SE Wisconsin. We are a group of non-partisan, everyday citizens with a shared goal of changing lives and strengthening our community. Want to learn more? Visit us at