Team IAF Training Part Two: Insights and Takeaways

As we mentioned in a previous blog entry, we recently sent nine Common Ground team members to the Industrial Areas Foundation in Chicago for continued training in professional organizing. There, team members built upon the skills and topics to move Common Ground of Southeastern Wisconsin forward.

“The IAF training was a wonderful experience that truly exceeded my expectations,” said Rusty Borkin.

“We met people from varied backgrounds, all with a passion for social justice for their communities,” echoed Susan Giaimo. “I learned a lot about how to do relational one-on-ones. Some of the sessions really challenged my preconceived notions about power.”

The training was extensive and enlightening with topics that focused on:

  • Telling the story
  • Forging relationships
  • Effective leadership
  • Meaningful one-to-one meetings
  • Determining issues and planning action campaigns
  • Institutional organizing
  • Reflection and scheduling

Looking forward to the work in front of us, it is great to know we have access such a wealth of information through the IAF. Many thanks to our dedicated team members and all who made the training possible.