Issue Campaign



We are partnering with our national organization, Metro IAF - which represents 23 organizations like us across the country - on a campaign to curb gun violence and save lives, all without jeopardizing the ability of law-abiding Americans to buy and own firearms. Do Not Stand Idly By (DNSIB) uses a unique market-based approach to encourage gun manufacturers to take greater responsibility for the products they produce.

Specifically, DNSIB wants gun manufacturers to do two things.

First, they should greatly increase research and development of user-authenticated firearms and gun locks (sometimes called “smart guns” and “smart locks”), which make a gun or lock inoperable except for the persons authorized to use it. These technologies could greatly reduce tragedies such as accidental toddler deaths, suicides and gun thefts that later lead to violent crimes.

Second, gun companies should work to expose the very small number of “bad apple” dealers across the nation who are responsible for the vast majority of guns used to commit crimes.

Contact Linda Reid to learn more or get involved:• 414.751.0755