CG Investigation Launched: Possible Racial Profiling by Waukesha County Sheriff Department

Common Ground believes ALL people are deserving of equal treatment and justice from law enforcement personnel, regardless of the color of our skin, our race, our religion or our immigration status. / Common Ground cree que TODAS las personas merecen el mismo trato y la misma justicia por parte del personal encargado de hacer cumplir la ley, independientemente del color de nuestra piel, nuestra raza, nuestra religión o nuestro estado migratorio.

Over 75 Common Ground members gathered to hear the disturbing story of Rev. Demetrius Williams of Community Baptist and Rev. John Patterson of Mt. Olive Missionary Baptist church as they explained their unsettling interaction with a Waukesha Sheriff Deputy guised in the cloak of the “Standard Policy’ of the Waukesha County Sheriff Department, lead by Sheriff Eric Severson. / Más de 75 miembros de Common Ground se reunieron para escuchar la inquietante historia de Rev. Demetrius Williams de Community Baptist y Rev. John Patterson del Monte. Olive Missionary Baptist Church explicaron su inquietante interacción con un Sheriff Diputado de Waukesha disfrazado bajo el manto de la “Política Estándar” del Departamento del Sheriff del Condado de Waukesha, dirigido por el Sheriff Eric Severson.
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