What is an Issue Campaign?

Simply put, Issue Campaigns are the work we do. Members of Common Ground identify problems and concerns in our communities. Through research, relationships and action these problems and concerns become our Issue Campaigns. We usually have more than one active campaign at any given time. The more Issue Campaigns we win — the stronger we get.

The issues can be large or small, but must meet the following criteria:

  • They must make a difference in people’s lives.
  • They must be specific and measurable.
  • They must be winnable.
  • They must help build our organization and move us forward.

Current Issue Campaigns


MKE Neighborhoods Now

MKE Neighborhoods Now is a campaign that centers on investing in our city’s future. As citizens, we have a say and the power to change our community for the better. Our goal is to leverage up to $100M in new capital improvements for the neighborhoods of Milwaukee. Learn More

Washington High School’s Home Field Advantage

Washington High School in Sherman Park is a community hub that thousands of students and community members use a place to play and stay healthy, yet the facility is in a state of decay and disrepair. Common Ground is working to change that.

Learn More


United Parents

United Parents seeks to strengthen parents, families, and communities through a collaborative process that builds protective factors, encourages deep self-reflection and uses the Industrial Areas Foundation model for organizing parents to improve their communities. Learn More



Watershed is designing creative solutions to real and present water problems in the Greater Milwaukee area. We’re tackling water issues big and small. Our aim is to improve both water availability and quality. Learn More


Do Not Stand Idly By

Common Ground is partnering with the our east coast parent organization – Metro IAF – on a campaign to curb gun violence and save lives, all without jeopardizing the ability of law-abiding Americans to buy and own firearms. Learn More


Milwaukee’s South Side Caucus

Common Ground is now organizing on the Southside to build a new team of leaders to address Southside issues and build the growing power of Common Ground. We have had hundreds of conversations to identify the key issues we need to focus on. Learn More


Milwaukee Rising

Common Ground is working to restore the housing market in Milwaukee’s Sherman Park community. This housing revitalization initiative, entitled MILWAUKEE RISING, is working toward rehabilitating 100 foreclosed properties over four years and sell them to responsible homeowners. Learn More

PAST ISSUE Campaigns


Fair Play

It is Common Ground’s position that if public funds are used to build a new Bradley Center arena, then at least $150 million of these funds must be used to improve Milwaukee County public schools athletic facilities and recreational spaces. Learn More

Suburban/Rural Organizing

The purpose of the caucus is to share stories about the pressures facing families and communities in the suburban and rural areas in and around the Milwaukee region. Learn More



In February, 2011, Common Ground kicked off its Education initiative. Through Actions, Listening Sessions and Petition Signing, Common Ground has touched over 8,000 people. Learn More

Youth Jobs

Youth Jobs

Our first major victory. Common Ground successfully campaigned for the City to provide $250,000 in flexible funding to a youth jobs program, lobbying the City to increase the number of summer youth jobs from approximately 1,300 in 2008 to a record 3,000 in the summer of 2009. Learn More